White Women Black Men

White Women Black Men
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WhiteWomenBlackMen.com is our #6 choice among the interracial dating sites online. The site offers free chat for all members, personals along with forums and discussion sites where black men and white women can get together to know each other better. The site is targeted at bringing Caucasian women and colored men together. The site is a great place for meeting colored men and white women, both locally and all over the world. There are many eligible singles.


  • Paid Service and no Free Membership
  • Gold Membership
    • 1 month for $20.00 (about $0.67 per day)
    • 3 months for $24.99 (about $8.33 per month)
    • 6 months for $35.94 (about $5.99 per month)
    • 9 months for $44.91 (about $4.99 per month)
    • 12 months for $47.88 (about $3.99 per month)


You can easily register as a free member initially. You have to create your unique user name and offer an email id along with setting a password for the account. You may also have to provide some other information, related to your date of birth and so on and complete the profile. With a free membership, you can read the articles, participate in the forums as well as chat with other members. You can also participate in rewards as well as contests.

Paid Members

If you are already a paid member, you can start browsing through the site by clicking on the Members icon on the Home page. If you want to upgrade, you must select the Buy a Membership option from the menu. All members can view the articles and access or participate in the forums. Even non-paying members can access the Chat features and participate in the contests and the Rewards feature.

Paid members have some additional features that they can access. They can respond to a personal ad and access the websites that are affiliated to the main site. They will also be able to view some Adult ads and adult content and have a web hosting account.

Regular members of the site get a special rate with $24.95 for the first month. In case they continue on to the second month, they will get a special monthly rate of $9.95 per month. The subscription gets renewed automatically till you cancel it. There are many ways of payment, such as instant access to credit cards, Bill to phone or paying by mail and so on.

Articles and Forums

There are many interesting articles related to interracial dating and connected topics found on the home page as well as in other areas of the site. All members can read these articles. However, you may have to log in with your username and password in order to read some of the articles. By registering at the forum or using a general registering at the site with your user name and a password, you can log into the forums and start chatting.

Chat Room

The chat feature allows the registered members to chat 24/7 and is available for all members, both free and paid. If you have registered at the forum, you can access the chat rooms as well. To begin chatting in the chat room, you have to provide your username, your password and the language of your choice.


The site also runs some contests, such as Trivia and they also offer some interesting rewards for viewing the contest site, so it is a good idea to check the contest site once in a way.

Replying to Personal ads

This needs a paid or subscribed membership. With this feature, you can send emails to other members who have posted personal ads. Your response or email will go to the email address and they can contact you outside the dating site.

Affiliate Websites

The site has partnered with some other dating sites for interracial dating. These are listed in the site and are available for access by paid members.

Adult Content and Web Hosting

The site also contains some adult movies or streams and photographs. Paid members can view such content. Paid members can also take the benefit of a free hosted account and host their own website, through the affiliates, dreammarkhosting.com.


You will find the description of several new and upcoming movies or television shows and you can click on the Discuss icon for discussing them with other members. This helps break the ice between members and you get to know them, their tastes and opinions better.


The site offers good security for your personal ads, as no other member is able to see your email id. The responses to your personals are forwarded to the specified email id and you can delete your ad at any time. All the personal ads placed by members are first reviewed before they are published on the site.


The site has a lot of adult content, so members should be prepared to view such content.

Editor’s Verdict

What is really striking about this site is that they seem seriously dedicated to encouraging interracial relationships. The forums and chats have plenty of members participating and there are thousands of threads to choose from. The site shows a lot of focus on the community elements. You can get to know more about people based on their activities or based on their chats in the forums.