INTERRACIAL DATING: How To Know He’s In Love with You Via Text

Men are known to initiate texts but as a woman, you made notice that some texts are different from others. If he has the hots for you and wants a serious interracial relationship, pay close attention to some of the signs below

  1. He will text you a lot when you are away from each other for a bit
    If it happens that you have been away from each other for a very long time, like a week, the texts you will get from him will make it very clear that he is madly in love with you and he missed you so much. When your paths eventually cross again, you will see that he has developed feelings for you which is a positive sign.
  2. He lets you be yourself around him
    You might speak “emoji” when you are conversing with each other and there is nothing wrong with that at all because all he wants is for you to be yourself. You can annoy him as much as possible or get under his skin in a positive way and he wouldn’t care one bit. This is a sign that the relationship you have with him is bearing fruit and he likes you so much.
  3. Your sleeping hours are respected by him
    Men can sometimes be text message happy and send messages to women at very strange hours like when they are sleeping. While this can be seen as cute to some degree but a man who has your best interests at heart will know when you are in bed and can’t text him back. This shows that he cares about you so much and will happily wait until you wake up before he sends you a sweet good morning message.
  4. His messages are clear and do not leave you scratching your head
    There is no beating about the bush with him, he will be very upfront with his messages when he sends them to you. Communication will be honest and very clear no matter if it is face to face or in text form. This is a very important element when it comes to building a successful biracial relationship because it doesn’t leave you in the dark or confused.
  5. He goes out of his way to send you a lovely picture/selfies of himself
    Camera phones have made it so much easier for people to send each other pictures. 20 years ago, sending each other pictures as a means of communication was simply a fantasy but it is a reality now thanks to smart devices and phones like iPad, Samsung tablets, Samsung phones, and iPhones. If he is falling in life with you and wants to see you smiling and happy, he will send you pictures of himself constantly. The reason he is doing this is that he wants you to be thinking about him all the time and be on your mind all day. If he is starting to grow on you and the feeling is mutual, you can send him a selfie of yourself too.

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