9 Reasons Why Interracial Dating is Actually the Best

interracial dating

Everything in this world has its ups and downs, its pros and cons. And too often, we don’t think of the pros. Let’s talk about why interracial dating is the best.

1) The Confidence. If you’re dating outside of your race, chances are that you’re a little more confident than most. After all, you really have to comfortable enough with yourself to not care what others think. And that means that the other person probably will be pretty confident, too. And confident equals sexy.

2) You’ll Turn Heads. Maybe you don’t love people staring at you, but maybe you thrive off of that attention. Interracial couples are different and striking. You can’t help being the center of attention. And you WILL get quite a few looks – not just dirty ones, but also looks of interest, curiosity, admiration… it can be positive!

3) The Perspective. Your whole outlook on life can be changed when you date someone of another race. Whether it’s black/Jewish dating, white/Latino dating, Asian/black dating… whatever it is, you’re going to learn a lot that maybe you didn’t know. Everyone’s background is different, and that can be such a positive thing, if you know how to handle it.

4) The Options. There are naturally a lot more options when you’re not afraid to cross racial boundaries. The world just gets a whole lot bigger!

5) The Food. We’d be lying if we said that trying new foods wasn’t a huge bonus. Whether you’re trying masala, marsala, mulitas or something else new, you’re stomach will be happy for the adventure. And, you’ll be able to learn and understand even more about a new culture.

6) The Family. You’ll get a whole additional family you may just love you more than you think. Sometimes it can be hard to gain family approval (not that it’s 100% necessary, but it is nice), but once you’ve got it, they may actually love you even more than you thought. After all, they are learning to understand and celebrate a new culture, too, and since you’re different, they may appreciate the chance they have to share their culture with you and learn of yours. It can be a fantastic plus!

7) It’s Empowering! If you really think about it, making your own dating decisions independent of what others think is actually very empowering. Not having to worry so much about what others say can help you feel (and be) more in control of your own life. Not a bad thing at all.

8) The Learning. You’ll have to be communication expert, or at least be working towards that. Your facial expressions, hand movements, word choice, and more may communicate a different message to your date than you are meaning, just because of different backgrounds

9) The Love. Love is powerful stuff, and if you really love someone, racial and cultural differences and stereotypes can be overcome. In fact, after overcoming so many obstacles, you may just find that your interracial love is the strongest and deepest you’ve ever felt.

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