6 Tips that can help a rich man stop fighting with black lover

It is not an easy task to teach yourself how to stop fighting with your lover and sadly, there is not a set of instructions or manual out there that can teach you how to stop fighting. As a couple, you both need to work together and find out ways that prevent fights from happening often. Each partner needs to compromise and make a few sacrifices by doing the following things

  1. Avoid sweating at each other: While fighting is nothing new in interracial relationships, the use of swear words can create a toxic atmosphere. Throwing in the F-BOMB here and here during an argument only fuels the flames instead of dumben them. In the heat of the moment, we tend to say things we don’t mean but make it a thing to avoid using swear words when arguing. Opt for having a civil discussion instead and it will help iron out any difference without having a shouting match.
  2. Remanence by looking at photos of yourselves: To relight your fire, looking at old photos and reminiscing about the good times is a good way to get over a fight. If fighting is something you feel is taking over your interracial relationship or marriage, grab a coffee, a few snacks, lay on the bed and go through some of the best memories you shared together.
  3. Think about what made you fall in love in the first place: Remember the innocent flirting, the dates, the nudges, and walks in the park, think about how these things brought the two of you together every time you have a spat.
  4. Envision your life without them: If your relationship is in free fall and you want to save it, think about how lost you will be without your lover or partner. When you are alone, you will have no one to talk to or cuddle up to, share secrets, say “I love you” and so on. The thought of losing your significant other should scare you and this alone should be enough to prevent fights from happening in your relationship or marriage.
  5. Take time to cool off if you are in a bad mood: If you are not in the best of moods which can happen to all of us, taking it out on your significant other is not a good idea because it can cause tension. Even the most innocent of topics can turn into a full-blown argument and if you feel that you are having one of those days, take some time to cool off.
  6. Walk away and take a breath: If you in the middle of a massive argument with your significant other, take a moment, breath and walk away because you don’t want to say anything you might regret later. Go into another room and chill out by reading a book or watching TV. When you both have calmed down and level headed, you can resume the discussion without anyone losing their rag.

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