Why A Mixed- Race Australian is the Best Date Ever

One of the advantage of interracial dating in Australia is that Mixed race Australians are among the most exotic you will ever see. In a mixed -race family, it’s common to see a blonde, light-skinned person with indigenous features, or a family member with green eyes and Asian features.

Naturally Gorgeous

Nature has a lot of fun once it begins pulling genes from two separate races. A brother and sister can have the same parents, but one will be dark-skinned, the other, light. Features can go through a delightful mix-up; a European nose and eyes with olive skin and shiny, black hair. The slender bones of a Japanese and the complexion of a German. Generally, nature likes to make mixed-race people striking; if not downright gorgeous.

I can see Clearly now

Mixed race people have lived in two separate worlds all their lives. They’ve seen discrimination on every level. If they are light, they are told to “pass for white”. If they look like their darker parents, they are told to get by the best they can.

They can’t ignore their duo heritage, no matter how closely they bond to their family members. When relatives come to visit for important occasions, they are reminded of the culture they had rejected. Secretly, underneath the gestures of polite society, there is a pull between the families; it’s them or us.

It becomes even more difficult when the two sides of the family have different customs and religion. Sometimes the parents will choose to ignore both family traditions, creating a more homogenous environment for their mixed-race children. Some will consciously choose the customs and religion of only one side of the family.

Mixed Race Dates are Philosophically Fun

Mixed race children aren’t always happy with the parental solution. Their objective is to define themselves individually, sometimes choosing what they consider to be the best values and customs from both sides of the family and mixing them up for their own unique perspective on life.

As a general rule, Australians are an opinionated, outspoken people. They become lively during debates, but rarely allow differences to boil down to direct conflict. Australia’s mixed -race people enter debate with as much gusto as any, but they are also great diplomats. Their life-time experience of seeing things from two sides gives them plenty of practice for examining yet a third viewpoint.

Mixed Race People are full of Surprises

It’s never a package-deal when you date a mixed-race Australian. You may meet someone who is passionate about working within a government framework to improve the quality of life in the outback grapples with environmental issues. Your date could be someone who loves the arts and is trying to incorporate both sides of their heritage into their work.

Chances are, your date is gregarious and eager to introduce you to others whose blended lives have made them unique individuals with a great deal of enthusiasm for exploring new things. Chances are, your date will be an adventure with someone who is at ease with mixing up the races and who doesn’t really see color or religion; just people.

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